Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Dear Friends,

The Samoa Embassy participated in last year’s Asia Pacific Ladies Friendship Society fundraising activities
which included an annual bazaar and golf tournament. All proceeds were shared amongst the 20
participating Asia-Pacific Embassies to donate to entities and organizations within their respective countries that support the welfare of women and children.

The Samoa Embassy joined ALFS in 2010. Over the years, through the invaluable support and contributions from friends, supporters and families, the Embassy assisted various community projects that help improve the socio-economic welfare of women and children in Samoa. Such projects include the purchase of sewing machines for the Satalo village women’s committee that would provide income generation for women; water tanks and machinery for virgin coconut oil and fetau oil products; support for the construction of a community centre; building a small pool/reservoir to catch spring water for drinking and washing at Vaigalu village and connect that water through pipes to the village. Assistance was also provided for education support, such as providing scholarships and school fees to support low-income families; school furniture, stationery, computers for three colleges/high schools that included assistance to St Mary’s Primary school when it suffered extensive damage and loss from a flood a few years ago.

Making a positive difference in local communities and families is very important to us, particularly for the
women and children. It is why we look forward to continue working with ALFS to raise funds and awareness for grassroots-level projects, not only for Samoan communities but also in other Asia-Pacific communities that need support.

In saying this, we respectfully seek your kind assistance and support of this year’s bazaar. We are selling
raffle tickets at 500 yen per ticket, and door tickets at 2,000 yen per ticket. The proceeds from these sales
contribute to the bulk of the money raised during the event. Embassies in Japan are required to sell at least 200 raffle tickets and 100 door tickets, as well as sell country products in their respective booths. Deadline of the purchase of the tickets is 30th April 2023.

There is a wonderful line-up of prizes to be won from the raffle including round-trip airline tickets to Asia-
Pacific destinations as well as artefacts and cultural items from the region as per the attachment.

Your kind assistance in making a purchase or sharing this information with your contacts would be greatly

To buy a ticket or get more information, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Niko Vui or Ms. Iyo
Matsumoto by email or phone. Thank you very much.

Email: samoa_tokyo@samoaembassy.jp
Telephone: 03-6228-3692

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