Wed. May 29th, 2024

On March 26th, 2024, the Embassy of the Independent State of Samoa in Tokyo took part in the ‘Asia-Pacific Festival & Charity Bazaar’ organized by the Asia-Pacific Ladies Friendship Society (ALFS) and showcased a variety of Samoan products alongside a diverse range of items from other embassies, support groups, NPOs, and shopping stalls.

Samoa’s booth was a vibrant reflection of our heritage and craftsmanship, offering visitors a glimpse into its unique traditions and products. The event was a tremendous success, attracting many visitors who were eager to experience and support the cultural richness of the Asia-Pacific region.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who attended and contributed to the success of the event, especially to the Asia-Pacific Ladies Friendship Society (ALFS) for organizing and orchestrating a memorable celebration of unity, diversity, and charitable giving.

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