Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

16 OCT 2020:

Cabinet has approved a schedule of repatriation flights for returning citizens from Europe, Hawaii, the United States etc. The schedule flights are tentatively planned starting from October 30th 2020 until 11th December 2020 with details contained in amendments to the COVID 19 Emergency Order signed into law by the Head of State of Samoa.

The amendments are as follows;

1. Scheduled Programme for repatriation flights for Samoan citizens stranded overseas:
• 30th October 2020
• 13th November 2020
• 27th November 2020 (chartered flight from USA/Europe)
• 4th December 2020
• 11th December 2020

Criteria for chartered flight from Los Angeles:
I. Chartered flight from Los Angeles to Samoa for Samoan citizens stranded in Europe, America (North and South) and Hawaii;
II. All passengers travelling on the chartered flights are required to fund their own airfares.
III. Any remaining passengers will need to travel through New Zealand on their way to Samoa;

Criteria for the scheduled chartered flights from Los Angeles:

The chartered flights directly from Los Angeles to Samoa to return our citizens home from various parts of Europe and USA flight from Los Angeles USA to avoid difficulties transiting through New Zealand due to visas and other immigration issues.

The number of passengers registered for this flight is 378, which cannot be accommodated by one flight. Remaining passengers from this flight will travel to Samoa through New Zealand before the end of this year.

An Air New Zealand BOEING 787 with a seating of 302 passengers will be chartered for this special direct flight.

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