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16 July 2020, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade

Conditions of international travel under SOE

(16th JULY 2020); The public is advised that Samoa’s borders are still under lockdown and the same is said of all Pacific countries, Australia and New Zealand. The flights that continue to operate on a weekly basis are for the purposes of bringing in essential medical supplies and cargo for the country as well as repatriate the 2000 plus nationals and residents that are stranded in New Zealand including the seasonal workers whose work contracts have expired. There are close to 400 other nationals stranded in other countries of the world who are awaiting the opportunity to be repatriated. A good number of these are scholarship students who have completed studies and waiting to come home.

Samoans, resident in NZ, are discouraged and disallowed from travel to Samoa for faalavelaves (funerals, weddings, church/school openings etc) as priority is given only to Samoa residents to return home safely and borders continue to remain closed.

The ongoing uncertainty of the pandemic, and in particular Samoa’s intention of remaining COVID free will likely see more restrictions on people movements in the near future.

Ministry Foreign Affairs & Trade

16 July 2020

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